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Eyvan (, , also Romanized as Eywān and Aīvān; also known as Eyvān-e Gharb and Jūy Zar; formerly, Bāgh-e Shāh and Bāgh-ī-Shāh) is a city in and capital of Eyvan County, Ilam Province, Iran. At the 2006 census, its population was 27,752, in 6,010 families.

Eyvan is the northernmost city of Ilam province. The city is predominantly inhabited by Kurdish people.

The kurdish language spoken in the city is similar to the cities in neighboring Kermanshah province which are Gilan-e-gharb, Islamabad-e-gharb, Kermanshah, Qasr-e Shirin, Sarpole Zahab which all together speak kalhori kurdish. Its neighboring cities are Gilan-e-gharb and ilam city both of them being less than 100 km away.

Eyvan has a Mediterranean climate with extreme hot summers and cold and wet winters. The annual precipitation is near 700 mm. The average temperature in July is 38 degrees Celsius while in January the average temperature is -10 degrees Celsius.