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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Eyer \Ey"er\, n. One who eyes another.


n. One who eyes another.

Usage examples of "eyer".

About twenty minutes after Cooper and I exchanged pleasantries, Sergeant Eyer came in, looking clean and sharp.

I hesitated for a moment, not wanting to tell Eyer without first reporting to the Lieutenant.

And Sergeant Eyer reports that according to their findings, it was you who took out five NATech commandos in hand-to-hand all by your lonesome.

Jody Eyer from the 179th has some of her people keeping guard over us while we finish this.

Remo knew that the Master of Sinanju had been infatuated with the Korean anchorwoman eyer since he had discovered her when she was a mere local anchor back in New York.

In 1891 Eyer reported a case of rupture of the thoracic duct, causing death on the thirty-eighth day.