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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Eyen \Ey"en\, n. pl. Eyes. [Obs.]


Eyne \Eyne\, or Eyen \Ey"en\, n. plural of eye; -- now obsolete, or used only in poetry.

With such a plaintive gaze their eyne Are fastened upwardly on mine.
--Mrs. Browning.


alt. (context dialectal or obsolete English) (plural of eye English)Category:English plurals n. (context dialectal or obsolete English) (plural of eye English)Category:English plurals

Usage examples of "eyen".

His eyen hollow, grisly to behold, His hue sallow, and pale as ashes cold, And solitary he was, ever alone, And wailing all the night, making his moan.

Her eyen caste she full low adown, Where Pluto hath his darke regioun.

And in their walk this blinde man they met, Crooked and old, with eyen fast y-shet.

Thy blissful eyen saw all his torment, Then is there no comparison between Thy woe, and any woe man may sustene.

There is no wine bereaveth me my might Of hand, nor foot, nor of mine eyen sight.

And now thou hast bereft him both his eyen, For sorrow of which desireth he to dien.

On peril of my soul, I shall not lien, As me was taught to helpe with your eyen, Was nothing better for to make you see, Than struggle with a man upon a tree: God wot, I did it in full good intent.

So great a neck, and such a large breast He looketh as a sperhawk with his eyen Him needeth not his colour for to dyen With Brazil, nor with grain of Portugale.

If that your eyen cannot see aright, Look that your minde lacke not his sight.

Though that a man, for feebleness of eyen, May not endure to see on it for bright?

In vain, from this forth, have I eyen tway Y-formed, since your virtue is away!

And in that temple, with her eyen clear, Me caughte first my righte lady dear.

And in the process, no doubt, becoming eyen more militantly shortsighted and closeminded.

He had eyen permitted Nell to bite his little pink toes severally, and say a surprising amount of nonsense about little pigs that went to market and did similarly absurd things.

O day, give out but a glimmer of all thy flood of light, If it be but enough for our eyen to see the road of fight!