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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Eye \Eye\ ([imac]), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Eyed ([imac]d); p. pr. & vb. n. Eying or Eyeing.] To fix the eye on; to stare at; to look on; to view; to observe; particularly, to observe or watch narrowly, or with fixed attention; to hold in view.

Eye me, blest Providence, and square my trial To my proportioned strength.


Eyed \Eyed\ ([imac]d), a. Heaving (such or so many) eyes; -- used in composition; as, sharp-eyed; blue-eyed; dull-eyed; sad-eyed; ox-eyed Juno; myriad-eyed.

  1. 1 Having eyes. 2 Having eye-like spots. 3 (context in compounds English) Having the specified kind or number of eyes. v

  2. (en-past of: eye)


adj. having an eye or eyes or eyelike feature especially as specified; often used in combination; "a peacock's eyed feathers"; "red-eyed" [ant: eyeless]


Usage examples of "eyed".

There was something very peculiar about this woman, Benedict decided as he eyed her mussed hair and then the dark smudge of dirt that adorned one of her cheeks.

Now she stood at the head of the stairs, bleary eyed, make-up smeared, hair hanging straggly and uncombed, not looking at all her usual self.

An ant larger than the rest advanced to Blinky and eyed him curiously, still waving a leg in a dangerous manner, and a nasty fighting look about his whole body.

I eyed it wistfully for a moment, and then, unable any longer to stand on ceremony, plunged my hand into the yielding mass, and to the boisterous mirth of the natives drew it forth laden with the poee-poee, which adhered in lengthy strings to every finger.

A bit farther down the bar rail, a massive, hulking slob named Bungo had eyed Wulfgar from the minute the young barbarian had walked through the door.

The cabman, short and broad, eyed him with his fierce little eyes that seemed to smart in a clear and corroding liquid.

Furtive, shambling creatures stared cryptically in my direction, and more normal faces eyed me coldly and curiously.

Trudy eyed Culler curiously, her gaze intent on his worn clothes and dark flashing eyes.

She dropped her chin and eyed the pointed toe of her shoe against the plane of frosted glass that shimmered with shadows and light from the swirl of movement on the crowded dance floor below.

Ralph said nought, but waxed shamefaced as he deemed that the priest eyed him curiously.

He looked at me, eyed me from head to foot, and finally answered that he did not.

Long as Donut had known him, that was the way Mario stood: slouched, his hand in his pocket, needy eyed, always wanting something.

Instead of the dark features of Rokestone, Fleed eyed the overlarge face of Purvis Arnledge.

Master Sorcerer, stood in the soft gaslight and eyed the end of the fatal rope.

Now the boy addressed her with the proper tone of respect, and eyed the saber girded at her side with trepidation.