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n. 1 exterior (qualifier: describing the location of a shot in a film script, etc.) 2 (context telecommunications English) extension


Ext, ext or EXT may refer to:

  • Ext functor, used in the mathematical field of homological algebra
  • Extended file system, a file system created for Linux; see also ext2, ext3 and ext4
  • Ext (JavaScript library), a programming library used to build interactive web applications
  • Exeter International Airport (IATA airport code), in Devon, England
  • Exeter St Thomas railway station, station code EXT
  • Extratropical cyclone, a mid-latitude cyclone
  • Extremaduran language (ISO language code), spoken in Spain
  • Extremeroller, a former roller coaster at Worlds of Fun, Kansas City, Missouri
  • Cadillac Escalade EXT, a pickup truck
  • Extension, a number appended to the end of a telephone number, or used internally.
  • Example, a short hand use for example.

Usage examples of "ext".

Like most Canadian cult exten sions, however, the Wheelchair Assassins and their cultic derivations have proven sub stantially more fanatical, less benign, less reasonable, and substantially more malignant in sum, more difficult for responsible authorities to anticipate, control, 4 CBC/PATHÉ 1200h.