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vb. (en-third-person singular of: export)

Usage examples of "exports".

The missile gyroscopes Iraq illegally acquired in 1995 came from Russian submarine-launched nuclear-armed ballistic missiles, which strongly suggests that the Russian government too has been at least cavalier about illegal arms exports to Iraq.

Baghdad could cut all trade and oil exports to Jordan and direct its agents in Amman to try to assassinate King Abdallah or encourage his Palestinian population to overthrow him.

Although we should not be blase about the prospects for any of the moderate Arabs, the state that we must be most concerned about is Jordan, which is dependent on exports of Iraqi oil and Iraqi imports of Jordanian goods.

Meanwhile, Kuwait had approached the United States about protecting its oil exports by reflagging its tankers under American colors, which would then be escorted by the U.

Thus, in the case of Jordan, someone would to have to provide it with roughly $500 million in free and discounted oil, as well as make up for the loss of $900 million in trade, including $683 million worth of Jordanian exports to Iraq.

By 2000, Iraqi oil exports were on a par with pre-Gulf War figures: 2.

Resolution 687, paragraph 22, stated that the prohibitions on Iraq's oil exports would be lifted as soon as the U.

Turkey makes considerable money legally from Iraqi oil exports under the U.

If the United States attacked Iraq, Saddam would probably shut off Iraq's oil exports to put pressure on both his trading/smuggling partners and the entire oil-dependent world to urge the United States to stop.

We would have to expect him to try to disrupt the region's oil exports to the extent he could.

Finally, the Iraqi threat to regional oil exports would also be considerably easier to meet in the context of an invasion.

Nevertheless, because of the extent of the Iraqi oil infrastructure and the proximity of the Kuwaiti and northern Saudi oil fields, some damage to the region's oil exports might be unavoidable under any circumstances.

It might take some time to bring the oil back online, depending on how much destruction Saddam's minions were able to do to the oil infrastructure, but it is hard to imagine that it would take more than two to three years to have Iraq back to 2000 or 2001 production levels, and to have some lesser level of production and exports much sooner.

Your enormous national debt, already caused by a slackening in American exports, will become intolerable.

Because your alternative is such a drastic curtailment of Japanese exports into the United States that you'll think you're back in wartime.