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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
commercial exploitation (=using something, especially natural resources, to make money)
▪ the commercial exploitation of mineral resources
▪ Property changes in nature as private property is introduced, and this type of property becomes the foundation of capitalist exploitation.
▪ Much of it is therefore being focused on new developments for commercial exploitation in industry.
▪ So it should be for the commercial exploitation of the public spectrum.
▪ Subscription to the list is absolutely free and there is no commercial exploitation or hidden costs.
▪ Instead of recognising a commercial exploitation, we're invited to see male lust as the corrupting force.
▪ For the first time Gould came up against the devastating effects of unlimited commercial exploitation.
▪ Otherwise there is no trace, and no commercial exploitation, of the long visit.
▪ Human ecology includes a vast complexity of social elements, themselves functioning in relation to modes of economic exploitation in varying regional ecologies.
▪ The alternative to economic exploitation is simply stated: we leave them alone.
▪ These attributes clearly included immense potential for societal and cultural modification in relation to economic exploitation of the environment.
▪ This history of photography is integrally linked to colonial and economic exploitation.
▪ Sometimes this consciousness developed into a critique of middle-class morality and economic exploitation.
▪ As an ideology it thinly veneered our often brutal economic exploitation.
▪ The basic conflict of interest involves the exploitation of workers by the capitalists.
▪ He maintained that by its very nature, capitalism involves the exploitation and oppression of the worker.
▪ Finally, the owner-worker cleavage involves questions of labour exploitation and control over the means of production.
▪ A number of approaches, involving the exploitation of alternative models, will be investigated.
▪ The transition from unsustainable to sustainable resource use involves a change from exploitation to careful management.
▪ In the nineteenth century there was a need to protect children from exploitation by parents as juvenile labour.
▪ Such guardianship was seen as a way of protecting vulnerable people from exploitation, ill treatment, or neglect.
▪ The company was fined for the exploitation of its immigrant workers.
▪ They are working to control the exploitation of the rain forests.
▪ But who is at the centre of the worldwide web of exploitation?
▪ On the contrary, their recollection is embittered by the cruelty, exploitation and official oppression which they recall.
▪ Other Hawaiians have claimed that geothermal exploitation disrupts their worship of the goddess, Pele.
▪ The steady inexorable process of exploitation, with great cost to the environment, has gone on and on.
▪ The worst period of their poverty and exploitation in the United States seems to have occurred after the end of our period.
▪ These attributes clearly included immense potential for societal and cultural modification in relation to economic exploitation of the environment.
▪ They were significantly overrepresented in the underground economy, where they were prey to exploitation.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Exploitation \Ex`ploi*ta"tion\, n. [F.] The act of exploiting or utilizing.
--J. D. Whitney.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1803, "productive working" of something, a positive word among those who used it first, though regarded as a Gallicism, from French exploitation, noun of action from exploiter (see exploit (v.)). Bad sense developed 1830s-50s, in part from influence of French socialist writings (especially Saint Simon), also perhaps influenced by use of the word in U.S. anti-slavery writing; and exploitation was hurled in insult at activities it once had crowned as praise.\n\nIt follows from this science [conceived by Saint Simon] that the tendency of the human race is from a state of antagonism to that of an universal peaceful association -- from the dominating influence of the military spirit to that of the industriel one; from what they call l'exploitation de l'homme par l'homme to the exploitation of the globe by industry.

["Quarterly Review," April & July 1831]


n. The act of exploiting or utilizing.

  1. n. the act of making some area of land or water more profitable or productive or useful; "the development of Alaskan resources"; "the exploitation of copper deposits" [syn: development]

  2. an act that exploits or victimizes someone (treats them unfairly); "capitalistic exploitation of the working class"; "paying Blacks less and charging them more is a form of victimization" [syn: victimization, victimisation, using]


Exploitation may refer to:

  • Exploitation of natural resources
  • Exploitation of labour
  • Exploitation fiction
  • Exploitation film
  • Exploitation (film), a 2012 film
  • Sexual slavery
Exploitation (film)

Exploitation is a 2012 drama film written and directed by Edwin Brienen. The film celebrated its world premiere at the Lausanne Underground Film and Music Festival in October 2012.

Usage examples of "exploitation".

Pierre told them, joyfully, of attacks on the Cabora Bassa dam on the Zambezi which had delayed that project of exploitation for so many years, upping the ante intolerably for that tiny peasant empire Portugal.

Or a world which had decided that its own exploitation of mers was immoral .

In New Caledonia, misgovernment was a positive evil, for here there were greater incentives to exploitation and more determined resistance by the native inhabitants.

And the Silures themselves organized their customs in such a way as to avoid the conquest and exploitation to which the other tribes had been subjected.

The transnational corporation addresses with different methods and degrees of exploitation and repression each of the ethnic groups of workers-variously of European and African descent and from different Amerindian groups.

Under Article 12, I hereby formally request your aid to prevent exploitation of an unclassified and, in my opinion, potentially dangerous planet.

Fort William and the palaces of Calcutta represent an insolent exploitation of the unmurmuring and highly cultured peasantry of this fair province.

Or in an Accra daily, with African politicians complaining of neo-colonial exploitation.

When this view is maintained by men and women who oppose the killing of animals for purposes of food or raiment or adornment, or their exploitation in any way which demands extinction of life, it is entirely consistent with high ideals.

It is open, of course, to an antivivisectionist to deny the right of science to profit by the exploitation of animals, but this is not the position of a large number who seek only to prevent the cruelty which has often accompanied it.

Jonson combines this modified Aristophanic pattern with the exploitation of particular jargons and general discursive models.

With the so-called Mattie movement on the upswing with its call for a bioregional approach to human ecology and an end to faceless corporate exploitation, the Pacific Northwest, long a Mattie stronghold, has assumed enormous political importance.

Blaize explained how he was using the first profits from the corycium mine to finance the purchase of heavy mining equipment that would open up even more of the planet for exploitation.

As an extension of this principle, Jeremy sees in dreams the healing magic we so desperately need today to deliver us from racism, sexism and every other form of tyranny and exploitation, including war itself.

The investigation, resolution and exploitation of the mystery cost him much that he holds dear, including his mistress, his career and temporarily his life, but open the stars to mankind.