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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Explicitness \Ex*plic"it*ness\, n. The quality of being explicit; clearness; directness.
--Jer. Taylor.


n. The state or characteristic of being explicit.


n. clarity as a consequence of being explicit [ant: inexplicitness]

Usage examples of "explicitness".

Despite the literalness of Tantric texts and the explicitness of paintings and sculpture their symbolic interpretation prevailed in Tibet and it would be a serious misunderstanding to suppose otherwise.

You chose, and I admired your choice, the explicitness and implicitness of it, to run water over the trays so that the cubes, loosened, fell into the salad bowl, having previously turned the trays, and thus the cubes, bottoms up, so that the latter would fall, when water was run upon the former, in the proper direction.

He was, however, not so pleased with the increasing liberties Howard was taking with his dialogue and the explicitness of certain situations, and in several instances severely toned down some of the Cimmerian’.