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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Explicatory \Ex"pli*ca`to*ry\, a. Explicative.
--Barrow. [1913 Webster] ||


a. Explanatory; serving to explain logically or in detail.

Usage examples of "explicatory".

THE FOLSOM BLUES: After Stark and I have returned to our encampment, the Elder trailing behind us muttering small, unheard confidences to the wind, after that same Elder has been placed in rude and hastily constructed quarters which adjoin our own but are walled off from them by protective devices, after I have held a brief explicatory meeting in which the other three have been informed of our abortive attempt to make contact once again and the sudden decision of the native to return with us, after Nina has retired to our tent and Stark to the one he shares with Closter, after the alien has been lulled into somnolence with the fruits and small gifts which we have been instructed to give them, Closter approaches me by the fire where I am sitting, meditating upon all of the events of the day and without being asked, kneels near, his joints trembling.

She folded the sweatshirt neatly and left it on the priest's desk with a short explicatory note.

Each inflection of the sibilant voice, each subtle color shift of her fingertip's clawed end suggested a full explicatory stanzaperhaps even a complete ode unto itself.

The others appeared less convinced, but respectful of Bray's magnanimity and explicatory prowess.