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n. (plural of expert English)

Usage examples of "experts".

When, later, he submitted himself to experts to check his findings, they were not only found to be correct, they were more accurate, far more penetrating and definitely more precise than anything the psychs could come up with.

The whole thing was put together by a group of third class techs under the supervision of a historian and two experts from robot construction.

Specialists and experts from United London, New York and Chicago poured into the Province eager to avail themselves of Canadian know-how.

Now, though he distrusted the reports of alleged microscope experts, he was nevertheless himself mighty sharp with this machine.

Nonpol, however, was not officered by incompetents but experts who knew enough of the situation to realize that the cybernetic brain now in virtual control of the Earth might have other means of observation.

Worse, radio control was of a new type, and the experts had, as yet, found no way of jamming it.

When the President wants to hold an international meeting, it takes protocol experts months to plan.

Upstairs, in a suite on the 11th floor, forensic experts hunted for bullet fragments and measured the bloodstains on the carpet.

Still, most experts believe that a modernized Tamiami Gun Shop will reopen and be as popular as ever.

While there are only four dolphin swim attractions in the country, some experts fear they will proliferate because of the money.

If you must carry a purse or wallet during your visit to Miami, experts recommend securing it to your torso with a sturdy 42-inch length of galvanized chain and a single-action Master padlock.

Ironically, the donor team is having trouble recruiting experts to work on the landmark project.

In other words, company-paid experts will do the job once entrusted to local building officials.

Many experts fear that if a Category Four storm slams us this year, the damage will be worse than it was in August 1992.

Mitrani advises home buyers to hire their own experts to make sure the construction is sound.