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The Collaborative International Dictionary

exogenous \ex*og"e*nous\, a.

  1. (Bot.) derived from or originating outside; pertaining to, or having the character of, an exogen; -- the opposite of endogenous.

    Syn: exogenetic.

  2. (Bot.) Growing by addition to the exterior; growing by addition of a new external layer of cells on the surface just beneath the bark; -- of plants.

  3. (Anat.) Growing from previously ossified parts; -- opposed to autogenous.

  4. (Med.) caused by factors from outside the body, rather than from an abnormality of internal functions; -- of illness.

  5. (Biol., Biochem.) not synthesized within the organism; absorbed or assimilated from outside the organism.

    Exogenous aneurism (Med.), an aneurism which is produced by causes acting from without, as from injury. [1913 Webster] ||

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"growing by additions on the outside," 1830, from Modern Latin exogenus (on model of indigenus); see exo- + -genous.


a. 1 (context biology English) produced or originating outside of an organism 2 (context medicine English) of a disease: having an external cause 3 (context economics English) of information: received from outside a group 4 (context economics English) descriptive of a group created by public as opposed to private information


adj. derived or originating externally [syn: exogenic] [ant: endogenous, endogenous]

Usage examples of "exogenous".

The idea of adding exogenous telomerase into cells is bound to be appealing.

Wren collapsed she was experiencing a complex partial idiopathic seizure as she was clearly unable to respond to exogenous stimuli.

Foresmith is studying transfer of genes between exogenous and endogenous viruses in chickens and ducks, as well as in the Psittaciformes, parrots.

Recombination of exogenous and endogenous viral genes may produce new viruses with an unknown pathogenic potential.

It will surely be nearly a million years before they could possibly accept the suggestions of exogenous origin.

Donaldson would have told him that he was suffering from exogenous depression - natural a few months after a bereavement - had he gone along and asked him.

Now, we know that exogenous and endogenous viruses—herpes, poxviruses, HIV, SHEVA—can recombine in us.

It called for the placement of a limited thermonuclear weapon at the site of exposure of terrestrial life to exogenous organisms.