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n. (plural of exile English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: exile)

Exiles (Marvel Comics)

The Exiles are a group of fictional characters that feature in three Marvel Comics series, Exiles, New Exiles, and Exiles vol. 2. The Exiles consists of characters from different dimensions, or realities, which have been removed from time and space in order to correct problems (often called "hiccups") in various alternate worlds and divergent timelines in the Marvel Multiverse.

Created by writer Judd Winick and artist Mike McKone, Exiles features a revolving team roster with new characters introduced and others replaced when they are killed or returned to their home reality. The series is notable for the number of characters who stay dead, in contrast to the frequent resurrections that occur in the main Marvel and DC continuities. It has featured familiar characters or settings from previous Marvel storylines, such as the " Age of Apocalypse" and " House of M".

The first volume of Exiles ran for 100 issues, ending after a crossover with the members of New Excalibur in X-Men: Die by the Sword and the one-shot Exiles: Days of Then and Now. In March 2008 New Exiles began with Chris Claremont and artist Tom Grummett at the helm. New Exiles #1 sold out prompting Marvel to release New Exiles #0 which collected Exiles #100 and Exiles: Days of Then and Now. Writer Jeff Parker and artist Salvador Espin relaunched the series with a new #1 in April 2009, but the book was canceled after only six issues.

Exiles (album)

Exiles is the tenth album by American singer/songwriter Dan Fogelberg, released in 1987 (see 1987 in music). It is best remembered for the minor hits "Lonely in Love" and "She Don't Look Back".

Exiles (Middle-earth)

In J. R. R. Tolkien's Middle-earth legendarium, The Exiles are the Noldor who left under Fëanor and Fingolfin after the destruction of the Two Trees and robbery of the Silmarils. The Doom of Mandos was placed on them so that they could not return to Valinor.

The Exiles were split into two groups during the Kinslaying at Alqualondë; Fëanor and his sons and followers took the ships they had acquired from the Teleri, leaving Fingolfin's followers behind. They had to cross the Helcaraxë in the north, and lost a large number of people there. When asked about the course of action they would take to transport the rest of the exiles, Fëanor ordered the burning of the ships.

Morgoth wasted no time attacking the Exiles, who proved vastly superior to his Orcs in spite of their small number and unprepared state.

Fingolfin and his followers arrived at the same time as the Moon first rose, and they mainly settled in Hithlum.

The Exiles set up kingdoms in various places and joined others. Amrod and Amras joined the Laiquendi of Ossiriand, Finrod built Nargothrond and Minas Tirith, and Turgon built Gondolin, as detailed in The Silmarillion. See Noldor.

After the War of Wrath, the Doom was lifted and many of the Noldorin Exiles went back to the Undying Lands.

Exiles (play)

Exiles is a play by James Joyce. It draws on the story of " The Dead", the final short story in Joyce's story collection Dubliners, and was rejected by W. B. Yeats for production by the Abbey Theatre. Its first major London performance was in 1970, when Harold Pinter directed it at the Mermaid Theatre.

In terms of both its critical and popular reception, Exiles has proven the least successful of all of Joyce's published works – only Chamber Music (1907) runs it close. In making his case for the defence of the play, Padraic Colum conceded: "...critics have recorded their feeling that [Exiles] has not the enchantment of Portrait of the Artist nor the richness of [ Ulysses]... They have noted that Exiles has the shape of an Ibsen play and have discounted it as being the derivative work of a young admirer of the great Scandinavian dramatist."

Exiles (Malibu Comics)

Exiles is the name of two American comic book series, both of which were published by Malibu Comics.

Exiles (comics)

Exiles, in comics, may refer to:

  • Exiles (Malibu Comics), one of two series published in 1993 and 1995 by Malibu Comics
  • Exiles (Marvel Comics), a series published by Marvel Comics starting in 2001
  • Exiles (Red Skull allies), Marvel Comics villains
Exiles (Ultraverse)
Exiles (Red Skull allies)

The Exiles is a fictional organization in the Marvel Universe.

Usage examples of "exiles".

The soldiers brooked no delay, nor hesitated to use musket butt or bayonet to urge on the tardy, as if the exiles were no more than cattle driven to slaughter.

More Militiamen stood there, alert as the exiles were freed and herded to the hold.

Some exiles carried small bundles that they clutched close, afraid of losing whatever pitiful valuables they had managed to bring with them.

You are exiles and you have no rights, only such charity as we elect to grant you.

Fifty marines should certainly be sufficient to main-tain order and discipline amongst the exiles, nor did he doubt that Var would make good his promises of executions and floggings.

Indeed, were his companions on the journey to Bantar typical of his fellow exiles, he shared this miserable hold with a crew of ruffians.

Perhaps one day the exiles might rise up and overthrow the masters, take Salvation for their own.

Salvation, perhaps even Inquisitors, whilst the exiles would have none.

In too many ways he felt a greater kinship with the marines who watched him as he exercised and understood better than his fellow exiles what he did and why.

He could hear Davyd moaning in the bunk above, the grunts and cries of copulation loud amidst the snoring of those exiles fortunate enough to find sound sleep.

So I hereby order that all the exiles be paraded on deck to witness administration of your punishment.

On those occasions the boats were crewed by exiles, marines stationed at tiller and bow.

Apart from the obvious threat of flogging, the exiles were so wearied by their labors that none had the energy to foment trouble.

He spoke a moment with Spelt, and the major barked an order that brought soldiers forward, urging the exiles to a circumnavigation of the pen.

He no longer thought of finding like-minded folk amongst his fellow exiles, and had given up his vague dream of fomenting rebellion.