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vb. (en-third-person singular of: exhort)

Usage examples of "exhorts".

Augustin, without examining the grounds of the quarrel, piously exhorts him to discharge the duties of a Christian and a subject: to extricate himself without delay from his dangerous and guilty situation.

Having collected such a body of troops, he brings over to his sentiments such of his fellow-citizens as he has access to: he exhorts them to take up arms in behalf of the general freedom, and having assembled great forces he drives from the state his opponents, by whom he had been expelled a short time previously.

He drew up his soldiers in a secret position within the vineae, and exhorts them to reap, at least, the harvest of victory proportionate to their exertions.

He shares the bribe with them, and exhorts them to "remember that they were free and born for empire.

He himself goes to the rest, and exhorts them not to succumb to the toil.