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n. (plural of exec English)

Usage examples of "execs".

Images cut, shifted, jumped, blurred, and blended across the screen, linking the Hreshi and the Dedelphi while Arron talked about the immeasurable wealth new bioforms could provide in terms of nanotech advances and how corporate execs would go to any lengths to recoup their outlays.

The vandals resembled ad execs, very clean and dapper and well groomed.

Get in there and compete with all the ass kissers and bottom feeders, all the no-talent schmucks that constellate around the studio execs who don’t know what they’re doing either.

And but the ironic third consequence was that almost all the large slick advertising agencies with substantial Network billings among these the Icarian Viney and Veals went down, too, in the Big Four's maelstrom, taking with them countless production companies, graphic artists, account execs, computer-enhancement technicians, ruddy-tongued product-spokespersons, horn-rimmed demographers, etc.

It was one reason he'd even been able to stick out his nine residential months here with twenty-one other newly detoxed housebreakers, hoods, whores, fired execs, Avon ladies, subway musicians, beer-bloated construction workers, vagrants, indignant car salesmen, bulimic trauma-mamas, bunko artists, mincing pillow-biters, North End hard guys, pimply kids with electric noserings, denial-ridden housewives and etc.

There were a lot of people including myself, I might as well say who didn't think the top execs would want to add to those problems by shouting to the world that we'd found an old mine site, probably of great historical interest.

He was one of your junior execs when you were an active corporate raider, wasn't he?

There were couples meeting up for dates, junior execs in sweatpants hot from the raquets court, and women who had been working late now, with their blouses unfastened a couple of notches, looking for fun.