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Exe may refer to:

  • .exe, a file extension
  • River Exe
  • Exe Estuary
  • Exe Island
  • Exe (locomotive), a British narrow gauge railway locomotive built in 1897 for the Lynton and Barnstaple Railway
  • Rolls-Royce Exe, a piston aircraft engine
Exe (locomotive)

Exe was the name given to one of three Manning Wardle 2-6-2T locomotives built in 1898 for the Lynton and Barnstaple Railway. All three were scrapped when the line was closed in 1935.

Exe, like all the locomotives on the L&B, was named after a local river with a three letter name: in this case the River Exe.

The tradition of naming L&B steam locos after local rivers continues into the 21st Century, with Lyd, a replica of Lew (the fourth locomotive built to this basic design), operational on the Ffestiniog railway and the Welsh Highland Railway.

Closer to The L&B, the railway's trust currently owns one steam locomotive - renamed Axe - although it did not serve on the historic L&B, is operational on the new line, currently centred at Woody Bay.

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Usage examples of "exe".

When we reached the port on the Exe River again, there were messages awaiting Lord Artos such that he could not accompany us on the third trip.

With tattered sails, our two ships limped up the mist-covered Exe to the wharf.

Bericus patronized merchants in both the village and the larger town near the old Roman fort, established at the first ford of the River Exe, well beyond its navigable reaches.

She sat at her kitchen table, freshly showered, a towel twisted in her hair, the dossier of exes open before her.

As she climbed each step, an image clicked through her consciousness like a slide show: the faces of her exes, breakup scenes, at a bar, the movie theater, over dinner, in bed.

When we reached the port on the Exe Biver again, there were messages awaiting Lord Artos such that he could not accompany us on the third trip.

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