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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Excessive \Ex*cess"ive\ ([e^]k*s[e^]s"[i^]v), a. [Cf. F. excessif.] Characterized by, or exhibiting, excess; overmuch.

Excessive grief [is] the enemy to the living.

Syn: Undue; exorbitant; extreme; overmuch; enormous; immoderate; monstrous; intemperate; unreasonable. See Enormous
-- Ex*cess*ive*ly, adv. - Ex*cess"ive*ness, n.


adv. 1 To an excessive degree. 2 In excess.


adv. to an excessive degree; "too big" [syn: overly, to a fault, too]

Usage examples of "excessively".

I was taking my coffee when she came into my room with an expression of mortification which grieved me excessively.

She was exquisitely dressed, and won golden opinions everywhere, for our hosts did not care to enquire whether she were my daughter, my mistress, or my servant, for in this matter, as in many others, the Russians are excessively indulgent.

In the two weeks since the Temu war party had left Fata Nor, she had slept excessively.

Most women, including the most practiced geisha of the first rank, tended to become less attractive when excessively intoxicated.

Perhaps, on one ill-starred day, Larry had exited the makeshift groggery after wetting his whistle excessively and turned left instead of right.

Certainly this much was obvious: that long, excessively flowery, rhetorical speeches about the reform of the magistrature were not going to alter this monument in a hurry.

Furthermore, the assumption is worth making, in case the traditional American system is breaking down, because a more highly socialized democracy is the only practical substitute on the part of convinced democrats for an excessively individualized democracy.

Thereafter he complained of various pains, bloody expectoration, and had convulsions at varying intervals, with loss of consciousness, rapid respiration, unaccelerated pulse, and excessively high temperature, the last on one occasion reaching the height of 148 degrees F.

Queen Vela had dull reddish hair, beady eyes, painfully gaudy taste in gowns, and seemed excessively fond of jewelry.

To overcome the modified form of inflammation in the bronchial tubes, all sources of irritation should be avoided, as the inhalation of dust, or excessively cold air.

Detailing a man to guard three broken-down crocks like macdonald, bullen, and myself showed that carreras had plenty of men to spare or was excessively cautious.

Without a hortatory tone, to which, actually, I have no right, I intend to pronounce my parting words in the tones of an old friend who is listened to with half-condescending, half-impatient attention, if only he does not become excessively long-winded.

He was an excessively litigious divorce lawyer who rarely appeared at social events.

As acute suppression of the menses is due to derangement of the circulation of the blood, caused by taking cold, by violent excitement of the propensities or excessively strong emotional experience, the prominent indication is to secure its speedy equalization.

He had ordered his hammock to be slung under some trees, being excessively fatigued, and was sleeping, when a monitory lizard passed across his face.