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In computing, EXA is a graphics acceleration architecture of the X.Org Server (see also X Window System) designed to replace XAA (the XFree86 Acceleration Architecture) and to make the XRender extension more usable, with only minor changes needed to adapt XFree86 video drivers written to use XAA; it was designed by Zack Rusin and announced at LinuxTag 2005 and first released with X.Org Server version 6.9/7.0.

Exa (disambiguation)

Exa or EXA may refer to:

  • Exa-, an SI prefix denoting a factor of 10
  • EXA, graphics acceleration architecture
  • Ecuadorian Civilian Space Agency
  • Exa Corporation, simulation software developer
  • Exa TV, television channel
  • Shining Force EXA, video game
  • My-HiME EXA, comedy series
  • Nissan Pulsar EXA, car