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abbr. Abbreviation for example.

Usage examples of "ex.".

That should have been obvious to me from the moment I laid eyes on her, but my set of ex- pectations about her had not included that possibility.

He held my head in that position for hours, until the fire was ex- tinguished.

She looked up at the low roof of the cave and ex- haled noisily through her nose.

She slowly turned her hands over until the palms were facing down and then she made a most beautiful, ex- ertive movement, a movement that seemed to engage every muscle in her body.

Her arms moved slowly, as if opening a very, very heavy door, until they were fully ex- tended laterally.

He let go, and as he retrieved his hand I saw a fleeting image of an ex- tension to it.

The Nagual gave them specific instructions to let their pieces ex- plode as far as they could in order to restore their strength.

She carefully ex- plained that there was no opposition, that my statement was correct, the tonal was also in everything.

When the table was filled, he ex- plained to them the difference between the tonal and the nagual, in the same terms he had explained it to me in a restau- rant in Mexico City, except that in their case his example was infinitely more graphic.