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ex post

a. (context of financial returns etc English) actual

Usage examples of "ex post".

Subsection Forty-Two specifically provided for wartime trials of individuals for alleged violation of local laws (in this case the Peeps' own UCC, since Hell had been sovereign territory of the People's Republic of Haven at the time) predating their capture, but prohibited ex post facto trials under the municipal law of whoever captured them.

And even if it did work, I'd have my head cranked over my shoulder forever, waiting to be caught ex post facto.

Especially the construction sketch, but the ex post facto crayon drawing as well, suggested a dancer tightly clad in the late reflected splendor of a uniform worn by the musketeers of the Prince of Anhalt-Dessau Infantry Regiment at the battle of Liegnitz.

If everything worked out, these powers could be ratified ex post facto.

Lionel took a step backward to avoid it, and it was only Cass's reflexes that saved him from going into the pit ex post facto.