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The Collaborative International Dictionary
Ex officio

Ex officio \Ex` of*fi"ci*o\; pl. Ex officiis. [L.] From office; by virtue, or as a consequence, of an office; officially.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary
ex officio

Latin, "in discharge of one's duties," literally "out of duty," from ex "out of" (see ex-) + officio, ablative of officium "duty" (see office).

ex officio

a. By virtue of the office that originated it, or of the title held

ex officio
  1. adj. by virtue of an office or position; "the head of the department serves as an ex officio member of the board"

  2. adv. by virtue of position; "the president sat on the committee ex officio" [syn: by right of office]

Usage examples of "ex officio".

My God, Boris-- Sascha's voice burst in on him like a bellow--if you let that Shimaz slime ooze out of this, Highness, Prince, manager, or whatever, I promise you that the Talents will handle him ex officio!

Van Kleeck, as Chief Deputy, was ex officio personnel officer for the entire road!

In addition, authors who publish regularly in the 1632 setting participate on the board as ex officio members.

Carver would sit, ex officio, on the British Joint Intelligence Committee, the official representa­.