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interj. (alternative spelling of ew English)

  • Emacs Web Wowser
  • English world wide
  • English writing wizard
  • Every Witch Way
  • extended work week
  • Extreme wind warning
Eww (web browser)

eww (a backronym invented by author Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen for "Emacs Web Wowser") is a web browser written entirely in Emacs Lisp. It is part of GNU Emacs starting with version 24.4. If Emacs is compiled with the suitable image libraries, and is used in a graphical environment (such as under the X Window System), it can render images inline directly into Emacs's display buffer. It requires an Emacs built with libxml2 support. It was originally developed as part of gnus, to display HTML-formatted email, but with the addition of HTTP support from Emacs' url.el package it became a fully-fledged browser.