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Euan, Ewen or Ewan is a male given name, most common throughout Scotland and Canada, due to the influence of Scots in that country. It is a derivative of the Pictish name, Vuen (or 'Wen'), which is the Pictish British cognate of Eoghan in Gaelic. It is also, less commonly, a surname.

It is said to mean "born of the yew (tree)" and is also associated loosely with the Scottish god of the glen. In Gaelic etymology, Euan implies a plethoric (red-faced) individual.

Owen is the predominant Welsh spelling of the name, but Iwan and Iuan are also found, as they are in Cornish) as well. Ouen can be considered the French or Breton spelling of the name.

Euan is also a Latin word meaning Bachus.

Ewen (disambiguation)

Ewen may refer to:

  • Ewen, a masculine given name
  • Ewen, Gloucestershire, England
  • Ewen, Michigan, United States

Usage examples of "ewen".

Over forty men, women, and children lived in the small community, according to Ewen, and, as Derian quickly learned, more were expected before summer was fully under way.

Derian had guessed, the cabin was home to other than Dawn, Ewen, and their three small children.

Derian thought that Ewen might have talked on into the next morning if Dawn had not hinted rather strongly that other members of the household needed their rest.

FOUND THE EVENING SPENT with Ewen Brooks and his household incredibly disturbing.

Hunt more often in their chicken coops and Ewen Brooks might bring from the east dogs meant for the hunting of bear and wolves.

Moreover, Derian wanted to be very careful not to give Ewen Brooks any reason to worry that Derian was a potential enemy of their venture.

A quick departure might make Ewen worry about what Derian would say when he got home.

Derian, knowing far better than Ewen what lived in the forest, had to agree.

Firekeeper made few friends, but both Dawn and Ewen went out of their way to show her welcome, and their community at least gave lip service to that welcome.

That meant, as Firekeeper understood it, that Ewen saw as much the image of how things would be as he did the place before him.

True, there were others in the community with those skills, but since Ewen was the One among them, he insisted that his wife lead as well.

Beasts are not happy with Ewen and his people, that if Ewen and his not leave, then the Beasts may kill them.

Humans needing space sounded far too much like what had pushed Ewen across the mountains.

Derian hoped Firekeeper could work out something that would enable Ewen and his settlers to come to terms with the Beasts.

Given this thought, Ewen and his people might destroy all the more, hoping to force that unwilling accord.