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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ And who can blame them if, after all, the right to keep 1,000 ewes is worth in excess of £40,000.
▪ He's helping to drive in the ewes for a mass ante natal clinic.
▪ Infective larvae which have developed from eggs deposited by ewes in the spring are ingested by ewes and lambs in early summer.
▪ One group of ewes simply provides oocytes, which, when enucleated, become the receiving cytoplasts.
▪ So the simple precaution of avoiding housing cattle alongside lambing ewes could be well worthwhile this spring.
▪ The field was empty except for a few ewes with young lambs.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Ewe \Ewe\ ([=u]), n. [AS. e['o]wu; akin to D. ooi, OHG. awi, ouwi, Icel. [ae]r, Goth. aw[=e][thorn]i a flock of sheep, awistr a sheepfold, Lith. avis a sheep, L. ovis, Gr. 'o`i:s, Skr. avi. [root]231.] (Zo["o]l.) The female of the sheep, and of sheeplike animals.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

Old English eowu "female sheep," fem. of eow "sheep," from Proto-Germanic *awi, genitive *awjoz (cognates: Old Saxon ewi, Old Frisian ei, Middle Dutch ooge, Dutch ooi, Old High German ouwi "sheep," Gothic aweþi "flock of sheep"), from PIE *owi- "sheep" (cognates: Sanskrit avih, Greek ois, Latin ovis, Lithuanian avis "sheep," Old Church Slavonic ovica "ewe," Old Irish oi "sheep," Welsh ewig "hind").


n. A female sheep, as opposed to a ram.

Usage examples of "ewe".

Ian Wilmut and Keith Campbell of the Roslin Institute in Edinburgh, Scotland, took a donor cell from the mammary gland of a six-year-old ewe and put it into an enucleated unfertilized egg.

They were good ewes, bright of eye and fat with lamb, and the Goodwife knew she would get a good price for them.

After she had left StarShine EvenHeart in the market place, the Goodwife wasted only enough time to entrust a brief message to her husband and the coins from the sale of the ewes with a sheep-herder returning to northern Arcness, and restock her pack with food before leaving the town.

Prentice, limping out in the early morning to see to the lambing ewes in his hirsel, had occasion to take a short cut through the hazel shaws.

Anything over four inches of rainfall in the Karoo was considered a good year, and in such a season the springbok ewes lambed twice.

Some ewes lambed in the trailer on the way in, and after every haul, there was a surge of lambs born.

In the black, freezing cold middle of the night, eight and ten ewes would be lambing at a time.

When she had been in this Mode before, an Ovine woman called simply Ewe had bathed her in genuine water and dressed her in a silken robe.

Torquil left Ninian and Aubrey to shepherd the ewe into the shieling and hurried after the king, occasionally slipping on loose shale.

For the wheat stands ripe and tall, And we shore a seven-pound fleece this year, Ewes and weaners and all.

The young doctor eyed her searchingly but did not question her decision, and on November 3 she was transferred with Melia, Polly, and four of the others to the Lady Penrhyn, the bunks they had occupied broken up, in order to make room for thirty Cape ewes.

We lay awake at night, worrying lest the ewes should overlie their lambs, and we got up again and again to see that all was well.

The underwool from the yearlings or the ewes was equally soft, but not as strong under duress.

Chapter 4 An extraordinary scene between Sophia and her aunt The lowing heifer and the bleating ewe, in herds and flocks, may ramble safe and unregarded through the pastures.

She dosed the sheep with wormer, trimmed their feet, inspected their teeth, treated ewes for mastitis.