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Evy may refer to:

  • Evelyn, a female given name
  • .evi, the filename extension used by Envoy (WordPerfect)
  • EVI, the ICAO airline designator for the Royal Australian Air Force's transport squadron No. 34
  • Evy Palm (born 1942), a former Swedish long-distance athlete
  • Evy Berggren (born 1934), a Swedish gymnast
  • Evy Van Damme (born 1980), a Belgian racing cyclist
  • Evy-Ann Midttun (1943–2011), a Norwegian politician
  • Forest Evashevski, nicknamed "Evy" (1918–2009), an American football player
  • Evy Karlsson, a character in the Swedish comedy TV-show Full Frys
  • Evy, a character in Go Fish (film)
  • Evy Lucío Córdova, the founder and director of San Juan Children's Choir
  • Evy, stage name of Evelyne Verrecchia, French "yé-yé" singer