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EVT is a three letter acronym for:

  • Essential Vietnam Tours, a tourist website.
  • Earned Value Technique, a project management technique
  • Electrically Variable Transmission (EVT) in the Transmission_(mechanics)#Electric_variable page
  • Emergency Vehicle Technician, a technician who has been certified by the Emergency Vehicle Technician Certification Commission
  • Engineering validation test, the first in a sequence of new-product development stages
  • Enterprise Value Tax, a putative tax on the disposal of a business
  • Environment Verification Testing, the testing of a new environment into an existing network (such as SIT, DEV, PR or UAT)
  • Equiviscous temperature, the temperature at which bitumen attains the proper viscosity for application.
  • Estill Voice Training, a programme for developing vocal skills
  • European Vale Tudo, a mixed martial arts promotion based in Sweden
  • Expectancy Violations Theory, a theory in the study of communications.
  • The Extreme value theorem, a theorem in calculus
  • Extreme value theory, a branch of statistics