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EVP may stand for:

  • Earned Value Professional, a distinguished task force of industry experts, from both private and public sectors, assembled by AACE International created the EVP examination in 2005
  • Electric membrane vacuum pump, a type of vacuum pump sometimes used in thin film deposition
  • Electronic voice phenomenon, sounds on electronic audio recordings interpreted as spirit voices
  • Elementary vacuum particle, a concept found in theories of cold fusion
  • Embedded Vector Processor, an integrated circuit from the family of vector processors used in the mobile phone industry and elsewhere
  • Employee value proposition, rewards and benefits potential for an employee
  • Employee volunteering programme
  • Enhanced Virus Protection, a feature found in modern AMD processors
  • The Estonian Left Party (Eesti Vasakpartei), a political party
  • in Europe: “Europäische Volkspartei”, see European People's Party or European People's Party Group
  • The Evangelical People's Party of Switzerland, a political party
  • The Evangelical People's Party (Netherlands), a former minor political party in the Netherlands
  • Executive Vice President, an officer in government or business who is next in rank below a president