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Evin is a neighbourhood in the north of Tehran.

The district consists of an old section, filled with orchards and gardens of old houses, and a new section, with high rises and skyscrapers.

It is adjacent to Shahid Beheshti University campus and is notorious for the nearby Evin Prison, a detention centre famous for atrocities committed against political prisoners, both in the pre-1979 period and in the post-revolutionary period.

It is minutes away from the Darakeh hiking trail. Hiking is a national pastime in Iran, and this trail thus brings many tourists to the area.

Evin (disambiguation)

Evin may refer to:

  • Evin (district), a neighbourhood in north Tehran, Iran
  • Evin (name)
    • Evin Prison, a prison in north Tehran
  • Evin, East Azerbaijan, a village in Iran
  • Évin-Malmaison, a commune in Pas-de-Calais, France
  • Eivind or Evin, a Norse name
Evin (name)

Evin is a given name and surname that can be a variant of Evan, and which means "God is gracious." The name is relatively rare. For example, it is not one of the top 1,000 male names for babies in the U.S. in any year from 2000-2014. The name Evin may refer to:

Usage examples of "evin".

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  Moast bags doan evin spare this setup a passin glanse, but if yoor sumthin ov a conasewer ov thi kript's states, like I am, then u juss alwiz swing pass this sort ov fing & click it out & do a qwik comparisun wif actule movemints 2 c if Transports on its bols or not.

Evins, and the three of them received the mandatory sentence for that crime—.

Evins, and the three of them received the mandatory sentence for that crime-death administered by a pistol shot in the back of the head.

  Iss not a problim cos u can put eny old rubish thru practikly anyfin evin a chile's toy computir & get it 2 cum out speld perfictly & gramatisized 2 & evin improvd 2 thi poynt whare yood fink u waz Bill bleedin Shaikspir by thi langwidje.

  U r evin a bit fritind about wakin up eny moar in case thers sum sorta unplesint surprise in stoar, but then u fink, wel, Im never goan no whots goan on unless I do wake up, & so u do.

  But wot puzzils me is y dey shood abandon uz so compleetly, & dat y we shood ½ given up di abiliti evin 2 keep in tutch wit dem.

  Am blo thi levil whare u get askd in yoor sleep otomaticly & mi own wake-up code woz taikin from me by that big bastardin bird whot slapt me down heer in thi furst place & evin tho Ive rimemberd it sinse it juss dozen seem 2 b wurkin no moare.

  Xcept I didn fink that woz rite sumhow, I rekind whotevir trubil I woz in went beyond this life & I woznt garanteed anuthir 7 lives or evin 1.

  They'v got a thing cold a nicitatin membrane whot they can flik over ther I & this old chap's nicitatin like mad tryin 2 blok me out & if I wozen such a fine firm fleshd-out eggzampil ov a sirnurg he mite blok me out (or evin takin me ovir if he woz tryin), but I am so he cooden & I woz in thare.