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The Everitt was an American automobile manufactured from 1909 until 1912. Produced by Everitt and Metzger after Studebaker took over the E-M-F Company, it was a 30 hp four with a so-called "thiefproof" gear lever lock. It was also built in Canada as the Tudhope.

Everitt (surname)

Everitt is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Allen Edward Everitt (1824–1882) English architectural artist
  • Andrejs Everitt (born 1989) Australian rules footballer
  • Anthony Everitt (born 1940) British academic
  • Arnold Everitt Campbell (1906–1980)
  • Arthur Everitt (1872–1952) British fencer
  • Barney Everitt, of the E-M-F Company
  • Barry Everitt (rugby player) (born 1976), former rugby union footballer
  • Barry Everitt (scientist) (born 1946), British neuroscientist
  • Bill Everitt (baseball) (1868–1938), Major League Baseball player
  • Bill Everitt (racing driver) (1901–1993), MG race car driver
  • Francis Everitt
  • Keith Everitt, politician
  • Leon Everitt (born 1947) former Major League Baseball pitcher
  • Matt Everitt (born 1972) English radio presenter and drummer
  • Matthew Everitt (born 1968) Successful Business Man and Entrepreneur
  • Michael Everitt (born 1968) Archdeacon of Lancaster, England
  • Mike Everitt (baseball) (born 1964), American baseball umpire
  • Mike Everitt (footballer), association football player and coach
  • Peter Everitt, Australian footballer
  • Rawinia Everitt (born 1986 in Auckland, New Zealand)
  • Russell Everitt (1881–1973) English cricketer
  • Steve Everitt (born 1970) American former professional offensive lineman
  • William Littell Everitt (1900–1986)