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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
assess/evaluate the merits of sth (=to decide what is good about something using careful methods)
▪ Has any study assessed the merits of the two schools?
assess/evaluate/review sb’s progress
▪ We appraise the work and evaluate each student’s individual progress.
▪ This model of consumer input is clearly not cost-free and is being carefully evaluated.
▪ When gouty patients are found to have impaired renal function, they should be evaluated carefully for other causes of renal damage.
▪ We should be careful to avoid introducing change for change's sake and should carefully evaluate potential disadvantages as well as advantages.
▪ These workers are the most mobile and have the greatest incentive to evaluate carefully the relative and absolute risks.
▪ Variation between companies with different characteristics such as size, growth, and ownership will be carefully evaluated.
▪ New methods must be carefully evaluated according to the criteria of cost and ease of application.
▪ With the advent of the millennium, youngsters continue to be carefully evaluated through entrance exams and personal interviews.
▪ Is awe-inspiring in her ability to evaluate verbal communications and numerical data.
▪ The ability to openly evaluate the wares offered is a fundamental principle of a viable marketplace.
▪ The next stage is an important one in your ability to evaluate, assess and improve your own work.
▪ Now several alternative notations are available, and no attempt to evaluate all of them has yet been made.
▪ This is the first reported attempt to evaluate the mucosal availability of 5-ASA after different oral preparations.
▪ Corporately teachers can plan and develop strategies, translate them into practice and monitor and evaluate their effect.
▪ When using covert sensitization, it is important to evaluate its effect on both drinking behavior and urges to drink.
▪ The major objective will be to monitor these innovations and to attempt to evaluate their effects.
▪ We can now evaluate the effects of this change in terms of the alteration in surplus.
▪ Again a series of experimental projects was set up in order to evaluate the effect of the measure on traffic safety.
▪ Miller also plan to make a detailed record of mud losses in the reservoir to evaluate the effects on formation productivity.
▪ The teacher's evaluation of the effectiveness of a technique will depend inpart on the way the learners evaluate its effects.
▪ Discussion of the film afterwards can aid the teacher in evaluating the effectiveness of the film.
▪ After prevention strategies are formulated and implemented, they must be evaluated for effectiveness.
▪ Pupils learn by doing and by evaluating the effectiveness of what they have done.
▪ Many attempts to evaluate its effectiveness have shown little or no benefit, possibly due to methodological problems.
▪ The more senior nurse helps to evaluate the effectiveness of nursing care given and the planning of continued care.
▪ Very few have been evaluated, and the evidence is largely anecdotal, he said.
▪ You must evaluate your evidence, check it against other sources and decide if it is reliable.
▪ Secondly, it will evaluate the impact of government economic strategies within each area.
▪ To evaluate the impact of government budgets, it is necessary to look at total revenue and total expenditures as a whole.
▪ The need to evaluate the impact of particular innovations is now well recognized.
▪ The auditor must therefore judge the suitability of the systems and the data produced as the basis for evaluating accounting information.
▪ A further problem about this role is the criteria by which we evaluate the information and material.
▪ Teachers will learn how to evaluate materials in the light of the theoretical background.
▪ The development of an effective network arrangement to create and evaluate materials and technology needed for hearing impaired learners. 2.
▪ A wide range of examples illustrate the text, designed to help teachers evaluate and adapt the materials they themselves use.
▪ To work in groups and be able to critically evaluate materials.
▪ A further problem about this role is the criteria by which we evaluate the information and material.
▪ It will also pay to evaluate how the material is coping with weathering and wear from traffic.
▪ This orientation method was evaluated by psychometric methods directed towards both process and product.
▪ They evaluate various construction methods and determine the most cost-effective plan and schedule.
▪ The trend towards non-price competition requires firms to evaluate their own methods of assembling the marketing mix for their markets.
▪ Yet epidemiologists in many countries have independently evaluated possible methods of transmission and have reached the same conclusions.
▪ Without computer modelling, the engineer is forced to take short cuts by evaluating fewer design options.
▪ They determine computer hardware requirements, evaluate equipment options, and make purchasing decisions.
▪ It also explores their use to evaluate and cost negotiating options during formal negotiating meetings.
▪ These data aided Tyler immeasurably as he evaluated potential options.
▪ A subsidiary analysis evaluated those patients adhering fully to the protocol.
▪ Ideally, rehabilitation began with doctors evaluating patients and making estimates about the potential recovery of muscle use and strength.
▪ Oesophageal radionuclide transit was evaluated in 15 patients and a barium meal was performed in five cases to confirm endoscopical findings.
▪ Abnormalities in the inhibition of motility during sleep should be evaluated in patients who report nocturnal faecal incontinence.
▪ Longterm outcome could be evaluated in 90 patients.
▪ In evaluating corporate performance an attempt will be made to link accounting rates of return to an internal rate of return.
▪ Most of us can evaluate their performances only on the basis of a general impression and questionable memory.
▪ To provide information useful for evaluating managerial and organizational performance.
▪ The workers also participate in such matters as production scheduling, solving quality problems, evaluating performance and recommending new equipment.
▪ In this example, Ricci goes much further than evaluating her daughter's performance.
▪ He also had to develop short-term goals for himself every week and evaluate his job performance at the end of the summer.
▪ How do we evaluate their performance?
▪ They could provide guidance for keeping education-and-training programs current and evaluating their performance.
▪ Each year the authoritative magazine Money Management evaluates with-profits endowment policies taken out 10, 15 and 25 years ago.
▪ He quickly met the inertia of a civil service used to forming and evaluating policy as well as carrying it out.
▪ This model will be used to evaluate alternative policies for encouraging economic development in rural Grampian and similar rural areas.
▪ Differentiating the variance of Y and evaluating at, this policy can he seen to reduce the coefficient of variation if.
▪ In this and the next two chapters, we attempt to unravel and evaluate policies effected by the Conservative governments after 1979.
▪ Surveys to evaluate new product ideas Concept testing.
▪ Take advantage of sales, specials, and coupons, but not without evaluating the products. 18.
▪ It aims to promote, rather than to evaluate, the product.
▪ Many catering colleges consider the award to be an ideal opportunity to evaluate their students' progress against other catering colleges.
▪ Each community has created industry-led committees that can help set policy and evaluate progress.
▪ Regular review sessions will be held to enable students to identify the learning gained and to evaluate progress.
▪ These groups meet quarterly to set policy and evaluate progress.
▪ Results of assessments are sometimes used to evaluate the progress of pupils, classes, schools or local education authorities.
▪ Banks involved in oil project financing have to evaluate financial and country risk in the manner previously described.
▪ The overall aim of the project is to evaluate current company practice with reference to marketing management information systems.
▪ You only have to look at what gets funded and who evaluates the proposals.
▪ The Task Force set high standards for evaluating proposals for changes in the new manual.
▪ A Washington-based advisory group on historic preservation must first evaluate the proposal.
▪ During the next year, scientists will evaluate the proposal and begin informal discussions with possible international partners.
▪ A different approach to evaluating the balance between quality and quantity of life is to ask the patient.
▪ Standards for evaluating quality in different kinds of meat poultry, and fish have been established.
▪ Data thus accumulated are evaluated statistically using a quality control chart.
▪ Such business must carry a subsidy of some sort and the research seeks to evaluate it.
▪ Senior staffing the northern agency did attempt during the research period systematically to evaluate their officers' work from their sampling records.
▪ For the following reasons this case series seems suitable for evaluating the longterm results of Nissen fundoplication.
▪ Then you can experiment, try a variety of functions, alter the structures, and evaluate the differing results.
▪ The company's timetable for evaluating the results of the tests has also been criticized as too tight.
▪ Certain considerations must be recognized when evaluating the results of laboratory nutritional assessments.
▪ The university will run the clinical trial and evaluate the results.
▪ It s impossible today to evaluate Putin's exact role in Spag.
▪ This study is the first to evaluate the role of food and fluids in preventing fainting and heart attacks in air travelers.
▪ Similar studies need to be done to evaluate the role of the cholinergic nerves in the gastric response to intragastric ethanol.
▪ The study will also evaluate the assessment procedures in use and examine their impact on children and on the school more generally.
▪ None were double-blinded except for a study evaluating implanted disulfiram, and few monitored compliance with the medication.
▪ None of the cited studies of children evaluated the prediction of mortality.
▪ Future studies evaluating mechanisms of gastrin release have to take into account the H pylori state.
▪ The studies were designed to evaluate the H pylori eradication potency of the various regimens and the post-therapeutic course of ulcer disease.
▪ The present study was done to evaluate the correlation between the two tests in humans.
▪ Completeness of the study sample was evaluated by scrutiny of neurology outpatient and general hospital records.
▪ In this study we evaluated the findings of follow up gastroscopies performed three years after primary gastroscopic screening of pernicious anaemia patients.
▪ In addition, what should the criteria be for evaluating the success of community economic development?
▪ It is difficult to evaluate different systems because they are traditionally idiosyncratic depending on their particular area of specialisation.
▪ The proposed solution will be evaluated, in accordance with the system evaluation criteria, by the Project Manager.
▪ How do the two peoples evaluate their systems?
▪ Agreed to evaluate hardware systems up to the value of £7k, possibly to tie in with image analysis. 11.
▪ A wholistic approach to catalogue performance evaluation would also include how the user himself evaluates the system.
▪ Customers can also evaluate software free via use of temporary licences.
▪ This report evaluates the use of a new device, the Kensey-Nash Lithotrite, for gall stone destruction.
▪ One drug, called Adaquan, is on trial at Bristol for evaluating it s use in tendon repair.
▪ Senior staffing the northern agency did attempt during the research period systematically to evaluate their officers' work from their sampling records.
▪ Bob Taylor knew the most gifted computer scientists of his day be-cause he had evaluated their work for federal funding.
▪ A review panel of outside advisers is evaluating its work.
▪ What could be more desirable than the need to evaluate the work of our schools?
▪ The student's observation of a patient will be tested, and she can be guided to evaluate her work.
▪ Little detail is provided, however, and it is thus difficult to evaluate his work fully.
▪ It has also been argued that a reliance on external inspection alone removes from teachers the responsibility to evaluate their own work.
▪ Intuitive judgment must be recognised as a legitimate element in evaluating this work in schools.
▪ The studies were designed to evaluate the H pylori eradication potency of the various regimens and the post-therapeutic course of ulcer disease.
▪ For culture helps to explain and evaluate the realities of life.
▪ Pondering these questions will help us to evaluate its true benefits and costs.
▪ Publisher A knowledge of publisher's reputations and known specializations often help in evaluating a book's content.
▪ Each community has created industry-led committees that can help set policy and evaluate progress.
▪ Much has already been said to help you evaluate the importance of each symptom.
▪ A wide range of examples illustrate the text, designed to help teachers evaluate and adapt the materials they themselves use.
▪ The more senior nurse helps to evaluate the effectiveness of nursing care given and the planning of continued care.
▪ A function of marketing research is to provide information that will help opportunities to be identified, evaluated, compared and selected.
▪ In the next chapter, detailed recommendations are given for identifying and evaluating these troubled students.
▪ All point to precisely the same problems as were identified when evaluating the original model fits.
▪ A five-phased approach begins with desk research, to identify and evaluate recent opinions of the contribution of marketing to corporate success.
▪ Business development teams invest time and attention in identifying and evaluating potential partners, and negotiating deals.
▪ The aim is to identify and evaluate the environmental effects of a project in its design, construction and operation.
▪ This is why the issue needs to be evaluated for its pedagogic validity to be established.
▪ They need to be evaluated in terms of their structuring, generative, contribution.
▪ They can do this by establishing clear guiding principles against which all actions need to be evaluated.
▪ Extended follow up is needed to evaluate the longterm results.
▪ Although useful for an initial screening programme, their continued use needs to be evaluated.
▪ Instead of needing to evaluate each title in the field personally, librarians may select from an already select list.
▪ At the outset potential screening tests need to be rigorously evaluated.
▪ It still needs to be evaluated in other terms to be effectively mediated into practice.
▪ The new drug is being evaluated in clinical trials.
▪ The police force should not evaluate officers' performance in terms of the number of arrests they make.
▪ There was not enough time to evaluate the information before the meeting.
▪ Your work will be evaluated by members of the management team.
▪ And setting targets and measuring sticks to evaluate projects would definitely increase efficiency if done properly.
▪ Each community has created industry-led committees that can help set policy and evaluate progress.
▪ Her office has directed department heads to evaluate expenses and hold off spending whenever possible.
▪ No such margin exists for health care provision, however, much of which has never been scientifically evaluated.
▪ There is a growing demand for the development of methodology to evaluate nutrition and dietetic programs.
▪ This involves planning the intervention and evaluating the outcome.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Evaluate \E*val"u*ate\ ([-e]*v[a^]l"[-u]*[=a]t), v. t. [See Evaluation.] To fix the value of; to rate; to appraise.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1831, back-formation from evaluation, or else from French évaluer, back-formation from from évaluation. Originally in mathematics. Related: Evaluated; evaluating.


vb. 1 (context transitive English) to draw conclusions from examine; to assess 2 (context transitive mathematics English) to compute or determine the value of (an expression) 3 (label en transitive computing mathematics) To return or have a specific value.


v. place a value on; judge the worth of something; "I will have the family jewels appraised by a professional" [syn: measure, valuate, assess, appraise, value]

Usage examples of "evaluate".

Copy testing-testing techniques that evaluate the effectiveness of an advertisement or campaign before it is published.

Grant was thinking that this was about the fiftieth urgent agendum that had been pressed upon him, each more crucial than the other, and he was becoming powerless to evaluate them, but he did acknowledge that he had two personal obligations which had to be considered seriously.

That forms new and generally more sophisticated offspring programs that are then evaluated for mating on the basis of their fitness, et cetera, et cetera.

One of the most meticulous, inspirational and demanding lawyers with whom I have ever worked, Doar insisted that no one draw conclusions until all the facts were evaluated.

Hazmi and Hanjour to evaluate its feasibility and was awaiting their answer.

The process we use to evaluate communications from UNSUBs, such as ransom notes and letters to the police, is known as psycholinguistic analysis.

It pleased us when many began to agree, with us, that it is important to forget the past, but that it is even more important to understand and evaluate it with a generous and unjaundiced eye.

From there he went to Washington, a Bush appointee, to evaluate civilian objections to the military tribunals.

Colonel Cathcart was helpless to assess exactly how much ground he had gained or lost with his goddam skeet-shooting range and wished that Colonel Korn were in his office right then to evaluate the entire episode for him still one more time and assuage his fears.

As the conflict escalates, I want you all to begin evaluating the situation autonomously and to feel free to take independent action.

The misestimation, from a monarch whose main function is to evaluate and assess people, was appalling.

In one major trial, 22 practicing gynecologists from 11 large hospitals in Germany treated 911 perimenopausal women with estriol and evaluated them regularly for five years.

Currently, however, physicists have been able to find only an approximation to this equation, in each of the five string theories, by mathematically evaluating a small number of relevant string diagrams using a perturbative approach.

However, when the polygrapher, Norm Matzke, started to attach the leads of the machine that would register blood pressure, respiration, galvanic skin response, and heart rate, he could see that Arne Kaarsten was much too nervous and emotionally upset for his responses to be registered and evaluated accurately.

Until he was awake and his mental performance could be tested and evaluated, there was a chance that he had been reanimated only to live out a life of anguish and frustration, his potential tragically circumscribed by irreparable brain damage.