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Evald is a masculine given name found primarily in Northern Europe, especially in Denmark, Estonia, Norway and Sweden. It is a cogante of the German given name Ewald and may refer to the following individuals:

  • Evald Aav (1900–1939), Estonian composer
  • Evald Flisar (born 1945), Slovene writer, poet, playwright, editor and translator
  • Evald Ilyenkov (1924-1979), Russian Marxist author and Soviet philosopher
  • Evald Mikson (1911–1993), Estonian-born Icelandic football goalkeeper
  • Evald Nielsen (1879-1958), Danish silversmith
  • Evald Okas (1915– 2011), Estonian painter
  • Evald Rygh (1842–1913), Norwegian banker and politician, former Minister of Finance and Customs
  • Evald Schorm (1931–1988), Czech film and stage director, screenwriter and actor
  • Evald Seepere (1911–1990), Estonian boxer and 1936 Summer Olympic competitor
  • Evald O. Solbakken (1898–1967), Norwegian newspaper editor and politician
  • Evald Tang Kristensen (1843–1929), Danish folklore collector and author
  • Evald Thomsen (1913-1993), Danish fiddler and collector and promoter of Danish traditional music
  • Evald Tipner (1906–1947), Estonian football, ice hockey and bandy player

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