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n. 1 evacuation 2 evacuee


Evac may refer to:

  • Evacuation (disambiguation)
  • Air Evac, operator of helicopters and airplanes
  • Evac (Transformers), fictional character

Usage examples of "evac".

Captain Ton was informed that a Captain Cachester was the nearest person in an evac bag.

Chang came aboard, when she took him aside and chewed him out for picking up the people in the evac bags.

Only way out is through the front door, or out the window and onto the emergency evac route.

Kira was grateful that the Militia had assigned him to the evac mission.

Someone knocked me out during evac drill, dumped me in this pod, jettisoned it, and planted it full of items I was supposed to handle, to incriminate myself.

Sassinak had been dumped in an evac pod, rescued by the combined efforts of Wefts and a Ssli.

She owed her life to the sessile Ssli communications officer on her first tour of duty when Hssrho had located her in deep space after she'd had a ‘misadventure’ in an evac pod.

It took a week or so, but eventually enough pols had been reassured there’d be more than enough time and ships to evac them before Wanderer impacted.