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Euomphaloceratinae is a subfamily of Upper Cretaceous ammonites included in the Acanthoceratidae, characterized by generally evolute shells with quadrate whorl sections that are strongly ribbed. Sutures are ammonitic, but not overly complex.

Genera include
: Euomphaloceras, (type)

Codazziceras Kamerunoceras Lotzeites Morrowites Obiraceras Paraburroceras Paramammites Pseudaspidoceras Romaniceras Shuparoceras Tunesites

some of which have been removed from other taxa where originally placed.

Euomphaloceras, type genus, was removed from the Acanthoceratinae sensu Arkell et al. 1957, Tunesites from the Mantelliceratinae and Kamarunoceras and Pseuaspidoceras from the Mammitinae, ibid. Others were added since initial publication of the Treatise.