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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Eulogistic \Eu`lo*gis"tic\, Eulogistical \Eu`lo*gis"tic*al\, a. Of or pertaining to eulogy; characterized by eulogy; bestowing praise; panegyrical; commendatory; laudatory; as, eulogistic speech or discourse. -- Eu"lo*gis"tic*al*ly, adv.


a. of, pertaining to, or in the form of a eulogy


adj. formally expressing praise [syn: encomiastic, panegyric, panegyrical]

Usage examples of "eulogistic".

His Lordship also spoke in the most eulogistic terms of Robert, of whom Mary might well be proud.

It would not be fitting for me, a subaltern of horse, to offer any criticism, though eulogistic, on the commander under whom I have had the honour to serve in the field.

The sea tossed its renovating brine to the determinedly sniffing animal, who went to his meals with an appetite that rendered him cordially eulogistic of the place, in spite of certain frank whiffs of sewerage coming off an open deposit on the common to mingle with the brine.

It would have been much better for them, since Archduke Albert spoke in eulogistic terms of the king, of his sons, and of his soldiers, while relating the action of the 24th, to have treated with Italy direct, thus securing peace, and perhaps friendship, from her.

On the letterheads of half a dozen large out-of-town manufacturers in various lines were brief but eulogistic comments upon the work done in their plants by Mr.

Without divulging the complexities of her past, he expounded upon her travails in the wilderness in such eulogistic frames that, listening with amusement, she began to wonder whether it was she he was talking about, or some stranger.