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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Eulogist \Eu"lo*gist\n. One who eulogizes or praises; panegyrist; encomiast.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1758; see eulogy + -ist. Related: Eulogistic.


n. 1 A speaker who delivers a funeral oration (eulogy) for a deceased person. 2 A person who praises another person or thing.


n. an orator who delivers eulogies or panegyrics [syn: panegyrist]

Usage examples of "eulogist".

The one was the eulogist and follower of John Quincy Adams, the other was a sincere believer in the creed and the measures of Andrew Jackson.

He was the confidential friend, the eloquent eulogist, of Henry Winter Davis, and had by service in both House and Senate won general recognition as a man of ability and great moral courage.

Judge Black, his intimate friend and eulogist, believed that this appalling calamity wrought Mr.

But General Grant had the good fortune, in great degree denied to his predecessors, to see his political enemies withdraw their unfounded aspersions during his lifetime, to see his calumniators become his personal and official eulogists, practically retracting the slanders and imputations to which they had given loose tongue when the object at stake was his defeat for the Presidency.

The eulogists had probably consulted the same sources, but propriety demanded that they pretend to be speaking from memory as well as from the heart, so the word-pictures they painted were mostly as hazy as shadowbats in the dusk.

The self-assertion of the recusants has found eulogists in plenty, but who has celebrated the self-denial that was thrown away on this other task, which is farther from fulfilment now than it was when the scholars of the Renaissance gave up their patriotism and the tongue of their childhood in the name of fellow-citizenship with the ancients and the oecumenical authority of letters?

They'll deliquesce like fungi, and keep a hundred eulogists mopping the spot where they left off.

The priest himself paid no attention either to his eulogists or his depreciators.

Among their friends Strefford passed as an authority on such matters: in summing him up his eulogists always added: "And you know he writes.

Among his eulogists, of course, is not the factious Captain Ratcliffe.