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alt. To praise, celebrate or pay homage to someone, especially in an eloquent formal eulogy. vb. To praise, celebrate or pay homage to someone, especially in an eloquent formal eulogy.


v. praise formally and eloquently; "The dead woman was eulogized at the funeral" [syn: eulogize]

Usage examples of "eulogise".

A sure way of paying court to the First Consul and gaining his favour was to eulogise his views about Egypt, and to appear zealous for maintaining the possession of that country.

Accordingly the Second Consul, when he, the next day, presented the decree to the Council of State, did not fail to eulogise this extreme moderation, which banished even the shadow of suspicion of any ambitious after-thought.

He also told me that you were the most beautiful girl he has ever met--and Laurence does not eulogise lightly.

To test him, I went first to another picture-you had described the position of the Raeburn and had said that it was a portrait, and it was exactly as you had told me-and began to eulogise it, and then I produced a handwritten letter of introduction cooked up, as a matter of fact, by my clerk, and asked him whether he was prepared to sell.

Therefore I shall endeavour, in the short space of time allotted to me, not so much to eulogise as to explain and to define what Sir Walter Raleigh was and represents.

Rochford, alias Harriette Wilson, so liberally eulogises, in her Memoirs, a parent whose purity of principle is so much in accordance with the exquisite delicacy of her accomplished daughter.

Major-general Lord Melville, Sir Henry Hardinge, while he actually eulogised the Sepoy army especially for their loyalty, privately expressed his alarm at the unsafe foundation upon which British power in India rested, in consequence of the secret unfaithfulness of the Sepoy troops!

On that occasion the Earl of Clanricarde eloquently eulogised both the gallant generals whose exploits in the Punjaub had added fresh wreaths to the chaplets of their fame.

Had Declan guessed, when he eulogised about this monster, what power it would have over his imagination?

He lauded almost extravagantly my nether extremities, my swelling calves in silk hose drawn up to the limit, and eulogised glowingly my other hidden treasures in priceless lace which, he said, he could conjure up.

Objects of varying unattractiveness came and went, eulogised by the officiating priest, but coldly received by the congregation.

Sheridan then eulogised Lafayette, Bailly, and other patriots of that stamp, and vehemently defended the general views and conduct of the national assembly.

Francis, having first eulogised Tippoo Sultaun, and contended that it was both impolitic and unjust to think of extending our territories in Hindustan, moved thirteen resolutions for the purpose of censuring the origin and preventing the continuance of the war, which he represented as having been begun without provocation, as being ruinously expensive, and as not likely to be productive of any great advantage.

Past, were eulogising in ecstasy the manner in which Madame Scio sang.

The waiter pestered him about dinner, eulogising the cook, and assuring him that his master was famous for champagne.