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EUE may refer to:

  • Elliot Unger and Elliot, an American commercial production company
    • EUE/Screen Gems, a movie and TV production company in Wilmington, North Carolina and New York City
  • EuE, a political party in Euskadi, Spain
  • EUE (airport), a public American airport
  • EUE, the code used to designate the European Union in European Union laissez-passers
  • EUE Editions Universitaires Europ√©ennes, a publishing house of the VDM Group
  • Exotic ungulate encephalopathy, a prion disease of zoo animals
  • Eue, alien species of plant beings.

Usage examples of "eue".

Similarly two dees and a dum yielded the down antiquark in its three possible colon as UEE, EUE, and EEU.