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Eucort (Eusebio Cortes SA) was a Spanish automobile manufacturer based at Barcelona from 1945 till 1953.

An attempt at creating a "popular car", the first Eucort was based on a prewar DKW design. It featured a 764 cc twin-cylinder two-stroke engine. Output of was claimed for this model. DKW inspiration was also apparent from the front-wheel-drive layout. The car was available both as a conventionally styled four-door sedan and as a three-door estate.

The last new model was the Victoria of 1950, which had a 1034 cc three-cylinder engine. Still two-stroke, the engine in this application boasted an output of . By 1951, when the firm ceased production, approximately 1500 Eucorts has been produced, including taxi and cabriolet versions. The business subsequently went into liquidation.