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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Eu \Eu\ [Gr. e'y^ well, orig. neut. of e'y`s good; prob. connected with Skr. su, from the same root as E. is; or with Skr. vasu good, prob. fr. the same root as E. was.] A prefix used frequently in composition, signifying well, good, advantageous; -- the opposite of dys-.


Eu \Eu\ n. (Chem.) the chemical symbol for Europium, an element with atomic number 63 and atomic weight 151.96.

Syn: Europium. [PJC] ||

EU (disambiguation)

The EU is the European Union, a politico-economic union.

EU or eu may also refer to:

  • .eu, a country code top-level domain
  • Europe, a continent
  • Euro, a currency
EU (group)

EU or Ёлочные игрушки ("Christmas tree decorations") is a Russian electronic music group, generally considered to be part of the IDM genre, formed in 1997 in Saint Petersburg, and consisting of Sasha Zaitsev and Ilya Baramiya.

They have also worked with Stanislav Baretsky.

Eu (hangul)

is one of the Korean hangul. The Unicode for ㅡ is U+3161.

Usage examples of "eu".

And shortly to say, the intencion of al Poetes hath euer ben to repreue vyce: and to commende vertue.

Euch geht auf der Welt, und wie sich Euer Zustand mit jeder Woche, mit jedem Tage fast bessert?

Some standing vpon the left foote, others vpon the right in a streight sort, with their heads perpendicularly, euer the center betwixt their heeles, and some looking sidewaies in height, foure Cubites of sixe foote.

Well then I perceiue that death is at my backe, who did euer see such a change of fortune?

Vpon a sodaine I founde my selfe so lasciuiously bent, and in such a prurient lust, that which way so euer I turned, I could not forbeare, and they as they sung laughed the more, knowing what had happened vnto mee.

I beeing thus taken, with extreame compulsion, I was bolde with an vnaccustomed admyration, dilligently to looke vpon her rare shape, and louely features, my eyes making themselues the swallowing whirlpooles of her incomparable beautie: and they were no sooner opened, hotly to take in the sweete pleasure of her so benigne and conspicuous presence, but they were strengthened for euer, to hold with them solaciously agreeing, the assembly of all my other captiued sences, that from her and no other, I did seeke the mittegation and quenching of my amorous flames.

The middlemost in bright Crymosen: and the two formost in an Emerald greene, not wanting any ornamentes to sette them foorth, singing so sweetly with little rounde mouthes, and playing vppon their instruments, within so celestiall a manner, as woulde keepe a man from euer dying.

Thou hast a time to be reuiued againe, and made sound as euer thou wert: but two eies without all pitie or intermission haue wounded me, deuour and consume me, leauing me no time of rest, or space to be comforted.

Gott laesst sich nicht spotten, und ein Greuel ist in seinen Augen euer frecher Goetzendienst der gleissenden Oberflaeche!

The preseruation of the people hath bene euer accompted among all nations, for the very supreame Law.

Did euer any king or Prince witting and waring, suffer such a kinde of trafike which should make his enemie ouer mightie, and though hee did not disfurnish himselfe, yet shoulde leaue himselfe more open vnto his furie, which otherwise were like to be vnarmed and vnable to wage warre against him?

Maiestie, she desireth to stand as a person voide of all trueth and credite with good Princes, if she euer punished any of these men with any strange or newe kinde of torment, then is appointed by the prescript of the ancient lawes of this Realme prouided against such persons, as shall be found and conuicted for Rebels and Traytors.

Let vs returne then to the huge Pyramides, standing vpon a strong and sound plynth or foure square foote, fourteene paces in heigth, and in length sixe furlongs, which was the foundation and bottom of the weightie pyramides, which I perswaded my selfe was not brought from any other place, but euen with plaine labour and workemanship hewen out of the selfe same mountaines, and reduced to this figure and proportion in his owne proper place.

Mountaines lifted vp themselues, afterwarde continuing to abrupt and wilesome hilly places, full of broken and nybled stones, mounting vppe into the ayre, as high as a man might looke to, and without any greene grasse or hearbe, and there were hewen out the three gates, in the verie rocke it selfe, euen as plaine as might be.

Toi, par exemple, en prenant ton grand couteau, Pagliuccella en prenant son grand fusil, et moi en prenant mon grand sabre, chacun de nous enfin en prenant quelque chose et en marchant contre eux.