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Etten may refer to:

  • Etten-Leur, a south Netherlands town in North Brabant province that includes former town Etten, a home of Van Gogh
  • Etten, Netherlands, a village in Gelderland province, which was a municipality until 1818
  • Nick Etten (1913-1990), an American baseball player

Usage examples of "etten".

Over the summer the family moved to Etten, a little market town just a few kilometres away, where Theodorus had been named dominie.

I'm sure lots of women here in Etten would like to have their portraits painted.

Although his mother and Willemien—and even his father in his own way—heaped kindness and affection upon him, in those innermost recesses to which no one in Etten or the parsonage could ever possibly penetrate, he was frightfully alone.

He stood on a chair and tacked a row of Etten studies about the four walls in a straight line, studies of the Brabant peasants.

Manfred, Von Gherens, Etten, and I will keep riding, with Lopez and his companions.

Etten had a large, elm-lined public square and a steam train connecting it with the important city of Breda.