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ETO may refer to:

  • Earth to orbit, the process or means of placing a payload into an orbit around the Earth
  • Efforts to Outcomes software
  • Electro-technical officer
  • Emitter turn-off thyristor
  • Engineer to order, a production approach where once a confirmed order for products is received, products are built
  • English Touring Opera
  • Ethylene oxide, an important industrial chemical
  • European Theater of Operations, the term used in the United States to refer to US operations north of the Mediterranean coast, in the European Theatre of World War II
  • Evapotranspiration reference of closely cut grass
  • ETO sterilizer (or ET sterilizer), a type of sterilizer for medical equipment
  • Samuel Eto'o (born 1981), Cameroonian football player
  • ETO, another name for RUNX1T1
  • Eto Demerzel, a recurring character in Isaac Asimov's books
  • ETO Park, a multi-use stadium in Győr, Hungary
  • Győri ETO KC, is a Hungarian women's handball club from Győr
  • Early termination option, a clause in sports contracts that allows players to forgo their option year
  • Eto (干支), a Japanese term for the Chinese sexagenary cycle
  • Earth Three-body Organization, from novel The Three-Body Problem