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n. (plural of ethyl English)

Usage examples of "ethyls".

Of course, for the launch itself, an immense amount of energy is required, so some of the Ethyls are actually part of the gantry apparatus, hooked up to the Painships to provide adequate power for lift-off.

Bob the Torturnaut rode the white highway of the dying Ethyls all the way to the end of the line, the blinding light giving way to a sunny, flowery hillside from a painting you put over your discount warehouse couch.

He peeled off his psychic isolation garment, and it was then that he began to sense the presence of the dead Ethyls all around him, even thought he glimpsed a fleeting phantom form out of the corner of his eye.

Bob staggered up the slope toward her, the Ethyls patiently keeping pace.

Bob could raise his head now, and as he did he watched as the spirits of the Ethyls passed through her body, her arms extended in an embrace, and then they were gone, too.

The Baron scoured the entirety of the vessel, from the Supercritical Harrow Tank to the Debasing Pods, and not only did the Baron not find Madeline, the Ethyls appeared to be missing, too.

The gantry Ethyls had already been taken from their fuel cells and were in place at the base of the Painship.

The Ethyls used their energy to revive him before departing for a better, brighter place, and he left the Painship under their power.