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ethnic music

n. the traditional and typically anonymous music that is an expression of the life of people in a community [syn: folk music, folk]

Usage examples of "ethnic music".

After overturning every stone in New York's ethnic music underground, they located a young Yemenite man who could and would sing both Arabic and Israeli folk songs.

Maybe he could learn to like the rotten ethnic music that was playing forever in the background.

Boyd gave a faint whistle, trying to match the notes of ethnic music coming out of the speaker above them.

Something hed picked up while poking around the Department of Ethnic Music might work, but hed taken that course years ago and didnt exactly practice African chants or Indonesian gamelan tunes daily.

When he arrived, he felt transported halfway around the globe by the aroma of strange spices and the twang of ethnic music.

There were bluegrass bands and rock groups, folk singers of a dozen descriptions, and every type of ethnic music imaginable.