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Estrée or Estrées may refer to:

  • Estrées (name), a French family name and the name of the Maison d'Estrées family (including a list of people bearing this name)
  • Duke of Estrées, a title of nobility in the peerage of France that was created for the Maison d'Estrées in 1663
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Estrées (name)

Estrées is an old French family name. The etymology of the name is from strata, after "strata"/"estrée" - the stone-layered Roman roads which gave their name to numerous villages in the north of France through which such a road passes (see Estrées). Other variations on the family name are: Estrée, d'Estrées, d'Estrée, Destree, D'Estree, de Lestrée, de Tray, and DeTray (the last two being Anglicized versions of d'Estrées).

The name was borne by a French noble family, the Maison d'Estrées, of which some members also held the title of Duc d'Estrées.