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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Estre \Es"tre\, n. [OF. estre state, plan.] The inward part of a building; the interior. [Obs.]


n. (context archaic or obsolete English) The indoor layout or plan of a castle.

Usage examples of "estre".

Conseil, il ne les auroit pas acceptees, l'honneur de la Compagnie luy estant d'autant plus considerable, qu'en estant le chef, il n'auroit rien voulu souffrir qui peust estre contraire a sa dignite.

Mais peu de temps sera son reigne & estre, Deux ans naues se pourra soustenir.

He took me to the wash-house, the tiring-rooms, the great kitchen, and when he had seen to it that the stranger was clean, clothed, and fed, he left me to myself in a bedroom that looked down out of deep slit-windows over the gray lake and the gray thore-forests that lie between Estre and Stok.