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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Estafet \Es`ta*fet"\, ||Estafette \Es`ta*fette"\, n. [F. estafette, cf. Sp. estafeta; fr. It. stafetta, fr. staffa stirrup, fr. OHG. stapho footstep, footprint, G. stapfe; akin to E. step.] A courier who conveys messages to another courier; a military courier sent from one part of an army to another. [1913 Webster] ||


n. (lb en obsolete) A dispatch rider especially military; a mounted courier.

Usage examples of "estafette".

Absolutely nothing: and had his Government continued three days he would have experienced a more favourable chance than that which he ought reasonably to have expected than asserted that the Emperor was dead, but an estafette from Russia would reveal the truth, resuscitate Napoleon, and overwhelm with confusion Mallet and his proclamation.

I had fleshed the point of the falchion in the haunch of one of these animals when I heard the drumming of hoofs, and supposing them to belong to the destrier of an estafette, moved to the edge of the road to let him pass.

While he watched, a Renault Estafette van with plain panels came up the slope and whisked around to the back of the house.

The Madrid Estafette states that a gentleman, Senor Lucas Nequeiras Saez, who emigrated to America seventy years previously, recently returned to Spain in his own steamer, and brought with him his whole family, consisting of 197 persons.

Daily estafettes, and frequently the useless auditors of the Council of State, brought him reports more or less correct, and curious disclosures which were frequently the invention of the police.

Estafette van of the gendarmerie is recognisable a kilometre off, even without its blue winker on the roof.