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n. (alternative form of Esq English)

Usage examples of "esq.".

Larkin, Esq., delivered this peroration from a moral elevation, all the loftier that he had a peer of the realm on his side.

Crutchleigh stayed her step upon the stairs abruptly, and turned, with a look of fierce surprise upon her lean, white-headed lord, arresting thereby the upward march of Corfe Crutchleigh, Esq., the hope of his house, who was pulling on his gloves, with his eldest spinster sister on his lank arm.

Captain Stanley Lake, at the time a visitor at the Lodge, the picturesque residence of Josiah Larkin, Esq., in the vicinity of Gylingden, is not likely to prove so difficult of treatment or so imminently dangerous as was at first apprehended.

Sir Francis Seddley came down express from London, and assisted by our skilful county practitioner, Humphrey Buddle, Esq., M.

Larkin, Esq., The Lodge, Gylingden, announcing the fact that he had overdrawn his account certain pounds, shillings, and pence, and inviting him forthwith to restore the balance.

Larkin, Esq., of the Lodge, worth, already, L27,000, and on the high road to greatness, and the trumpery little place in which he found himself.

Larkin, Esq., who attended so many services and sermons on Sundays, and led a life of such ascetic propriety.

He had lodgings somewhere near Richmond, as Howard Larkin, Esq., and is still a religious character.

John Duthy, Esq. An interleaved copy received many annotations from members of the Heathcote family.

Hursley descended to his son Giles Hobby, Esq., who, it appears clearly by the register and other records, was living in the parish very early in the seventeenth century.

Richard Cromwell, Esq., by Dorothy, his wife, who was the daughter of Richard Maijor, Esq.

Cromwell, Esq., son of the said Richard Cromwell, died 11th May 1705, in the 49th year of his age.

Dorothy Mortimer, a seventh daughter, wife of John Mortimer, Esq., died 14th May 1681, in the 21st year of her age, but left no issue.

Sir William was married to Selina, daughter of Evelyn John Shirley, Esq., of Eatington, Warwickshire, a marriage occasioning great happiness and benefit to all the parish and neighbourhood.

The design was committed to William Harrison, Esq., a relation of Archdeacon Harrison, a very old friend and contemporary.