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España (disambiguation)

Spain, also known as España, is a country in southern Europe.

España may also refer to:

  • , served 1915 to 1937 and renamed España in 1931

  • , served in the Spanish Navy from 1913 to 1923

  • España (Chabrier), a orchestral piece first performed in 1883 by Emmanuel Chabrier
  • España (river), river in Spain
  • España Lake, lake in Bolivia
  • España (Waldteufel), a orchestral piece (waltz) first performed in 1886 by Emile Waldteufel, and based on that by Chabrier
  • España 1936, a Spanish documentary film
  • España 2000, a Spanish political party
  • España Boulevard, a thoroughfare in the Philippines
  • España railway station, Philippines
Association football clubs
  • Real C.D. España, Honduras
  • España F.C., San Salvador, El Salvador
  • Club España, United States
España (Chabrier)

España, rhapsody for orchestra ( or Rapsodie España) is the most famous orchestral composition by French composer Emmanuel Chabrier (1841–1894). Written in 1883 after a trip to Spain, it was dedicated to the conductor Charles Lamoureux, who conducted the first public performance on 4 November 1883, at the Théâtre du Château d’Eau for the Société des Nouveaux Concerts in Paris.