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The Collaborative International Dictionary
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

also e.s.p., 1934, initialism (acronym) for extra-sensory perception.


abbr. especially


ESP may refer to:

Usage examples of "esp".

His esp kicked in big-time, as the sheer living presence of the tree hit him right between the eyes like a hammer.

He lashed out with his esp, and his power of compulsion slammed into the mind of the trooper nearest him.

So he summoned up his esp, and used his power of mental compulsion to hide him from the surrounding monsters.

Her esp was no less powerful for all the distance it had traveled, or through being focused through her human thrall.

And I bet I could do some really nasty things to you with my esp compulsion, if I really put my mind to it.

Their lights grew bright and awful, and DeChance pulled back her esp, folding it in upon itself, and locking it safely away inside her mind again.

Her esp kept trying to make sense of the insane shapes, and failing, unable to embrace theories of architecture and design shaped by an inhuman logic.

She spread her esp wide, but there was no trace of the Captain or his team.

Military instincts might not be as officially appreciated as esp, but they could keep you alive if you listened to them.

She walked slowly forward, wandering through the towering stacks with only her esp to guide her.

Their esp became wild and strong, and their minds were no longer sacrosanct.

Topaz killed them all with a single song, her voice and esp combining into a deadly force that could not be stopped or turned aside.

But now her original self and the false persona were both gone, swept aside by Jenny Psycho, who had been touched by greatness, her esp boosted beyond hope or reason.

Chance bought them from their parents and used their esp abilities to spread a telepathic web over all of Mistport, seeing and hearing everything.

Legion and held it back, so that a hundred brave souls could fly on wings of esp up to meet the invaders on their own high ground.