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ESO (disambiguation)

ESO may refer to:

  • European Southern Observatory, an astronomical research organisation
  • Ensemble Studios Online
  • Edmonton Symphony Orchestra
  • Employee stock option (also: executive stock option)
  • Evergreen Symphony Orchestra
  • Eteläsuomalainen osakunta, a student nation at the University of Helsinki
  • Libyan External Security Organisation
  • Ether Saga Online, fantasy MMORPG
  • The Elder Scrolls Online, MMORPG
  • Existential second-order logic
  • ESO (motorcycles)


  • Eso-Charis, Christian metal band (and self-titled album)
  • Bliss n Eso, Australian hip hop group
  • ESO (band), an alternative rock band from Croydon, UK
  • English Symphony Orchestra and English String Orchestra, two related classical orchestral ensembles
ESO (band)

ESO (formerly known as Esoterica, typecast by the band as esOterica) were an Alternative Rock band from London, United Kingdom. They released three studio albums, "The Fool" in 2005, "The Riddle" in 2009 and "Nothing Left To Lose" in 2012. The latter of which was their début as ESO. They also released five singles as esOterica, "Don't Rely on Anyone" in 2005, "Tomorrow I Won't Remember", "Silence" in 2009 and "Scream" in 2010, and three singles as ESO, "We Are Watching You" and "The Divide" both in 2012 and "Brand New Suit" in 2013.

The first single for their third studio album, "We Are Watching You", was released on 2 July 2012, the single featured Mike Spreitzer who is the guitarist in metal band DevilDriver. The following single "The Divide" was released on 1 October 2012. The entire album, "Nothing Left To Lose", was released on 1 October 2012 via the band's official store and was later released in other stores from 22 October.

On 25 May 2012, the band held a special album preview show in London, this was their first headline show of 2012 and completely sold out. In July 2012, the band supported Marilyn Manson for the second time across Europe having already supported him once in 2009. Just before they set out to Europe guitarist Bari Parrott left the band for undisclosed reasons and was replaced by Carl Johnston.

On 17 May 2013, ESO recorded their live DVD at The Garage in London. This was later followed by an announcement by the band that they are to tour the UK and Europe in September 2013, which would feature a one-off acoustic set that will be filmed in Croydon, UK. Another shock announcement followed a couple of days later, which was signed from Luke (Keast, Drummer) that stated "that after the September tour I will be leaving ESO." No reason was given for Luke's decision to leave ESO, but he did state "This is not the end, I will do something musical again". ESO have since announced that, after their European tour in September 2013, they have taken the decision to disband.

In an interview on the Live in London DVD singer Tobias Keast announced he was working on a new esOterica album.

ESO (motorcycles)

Eso was a Czech motorcycle factory producing only racing machines from 1949 until 1964, when it joined Jawa. ESO was founded by a motorcycle racing driver, and made bikes in 250, 350, and 500 cc, primarily for speedway, moto-cross and ice racing. Engines were sourced from J.A.P. during the first year, and then an engine of ESO's own after 1950, first copied from J.A.P. and later of their own design. The factory produced a prototype microcar in 1959, The ESO-T-250. It had a fibreglass 2-seater body with many components from Jawa-CZ.

Eso (town)

Eso is a populated town and is located in Orhionmwon Local Government Area in Edo State, Nigeria.