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Esmé or Esmée is a French given name, the participle of French esmer "to esteem" (whence also English aim). Esmé came to be used in Scotland in the 16th century as the name of Esmé Stewart, 1st Duke of Lennox (1542–1583) and is now among the most popular baby names for girls in the UK.

Esme is also used as a short form for the feminine name Esmeralda.


Eşme is a town and district of Uşak Province in the inner Aegean Region of Turkey. Apart from the central town of Eşme, the district counts three townships with own municipality, namely Yeleğen, Ahmetler and Güllü.

The principal economic activities include tobacco farming, stockbreeding, kilim weaving and trading.

Esme (genus)

Esme is a genus of damselflies in the family Protoneuridae. This genus has three species. The following are the species:

  • Esme cyaneovittata
  • Esme longistyla (Nilgiri bambootail)
  • Esme mudiensis


Esme (disambiguation)

Esmé is a French given name.

Esme may also refer to:

  • Eşme, a town in Turkey
  • Esme (genus), a genus of damselfly
  • ESME-Sudria, a French educational institution
  • ESME ( External Short Messaging Entity), in telecommunications